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Image for Leaked Memo Reveals Details Of Google’s “Censored Search Engine” For Communist China

Leaked Memo Reveals Details Of Google’s “Censored Search Engine” For Communist China

The search system is code-named "Dragonfly."

11 hours ago By Zero Hedge

Image for “Trump Won’t Back Down”: Bannon Warns Trade-War Will Be “Unbearably Painful” For China

“Trump Won’t Back Down”: Bannon Warns Trade-War Will Be “Unbearably Painful” For China

The ultimate goal, says Bannon - is not just to force China to give up its "unfair trade practices," but to "re-industrialize America".

12 hours ago By Zero Hedge

Muslim Rapper Cancels Bataclan Shows After Protests

Lyrics call for crucifying secularists

1 day ago By Yahoo

Brazilian police arrest alleged Hezbollah financier

Barakat was previously imprisoned in Paraguay from 2002 to 2008 on charges of tax evasion

1 day ago By Reuters

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Sep 21, 2018

US Sanctions China For Buying Russian Fighter Jets, Missiles

Admin also blacklisted additional 33 people & entities associated with Russian military and intelligence

Sep 21, 2018

Trump “Very, Very Close” to Excluding Canada From Mexico Deal

No agreement reached with northern neighbor amid imminent deadline

Sep 21, 2018

Sep 21, 2018

Joint Russia-China War Games Signal Western Nations

Buchanan asks if Russia gave up on West

Sep 20, 2018

Sep 20, 2018

Iran dismisses U.S. offer of talks, says Washington broke last deal

'U.S. has violated its treaty obligations too... Apparently, U.S. only mocks calls for peace'

Sep 20, 2018

Australian Senator Tries to Pass Motion Declaring “It’s Okay to be White”

Pauline Hanson decries attacks on western civilization

Sep 20, 2018

US Ready to Resume North Korea Talks

Seeks denuclearization by 2021

Sep 20, 2018

Immigration to U.S. from Third World, Islamic Nations Skyrockets Since 2010

Census Bureau data reveals that America has greatly increased immigration from the third world and Islamic regions within the last seven years

Sep 20, 2018

U-turn on multiculturalism? Danish public broadcaster told to stress importance of Christianity

The contract states that the DR must make it clear that Danish society is based on principles of “democracy and has its roots in Christianity.”

Sep 20, 2018

George Papadopoulos Says He Was ‘Set Up’ By Foreign Intel Agents As A Pretext For Russia Probe

All these nations are so-called "allies" which work directly with US intelligence.

Sep 19, 2018

Job Destroyers Whine About Trump’s Tariffs On China

Those who move American jobs overseas insist NAFTA/TPP good, Trump bad

Sep 19, 2018

U.S. seeking to negotiate a treaty with Iran: special envoy

Trump announced in May he was pulling out of Obama's nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers

Sep 19, 2018

UK Deal Could “Rewrite Global Trade”

Free Trade Agreement says tariffs on all US-UK trade should be zero or close to it

Sep 19, 2018

Trump Delighted After North Korea Pledges To Dismantle Key Missile Facilities

Many analysts will remain wary of the North's sincerity until the last nuke is removed from the country

Sep 19, 2018

White Existence Is a Crime, Says South African BFL Party Spokesperson

Black First, Land First spokesperson Lindsay Maasdorp has told the author of this article and others about the controversial party that my "existence is a crime."

Sep 18, 2018

Support for Pope Francis Falling Amid Sex Abuse Scandals

Support among U.S. Catholics, however, remains the same

Sep 18, 2018

‘Sad day’ as Poland Banned from EU Judicial Body

European Network of Councils for the Judiciary stripped Polish National Judicial Council of voting rights, excluded it from network

Sep 18, 2018

DOJ Fails to Bait North Korea, Signals Iran

Justice Department expands its war on democracy overseas

Sep 18, 2018

North, South Korean Leaders Hold Third Summit

The first session of the inter-Korean summit began at 3:45 p.m. local time

Sep 18, 2018

Real News: Trump Orders Secret Russia Documents Declassified

Deep State to be exposed like never before

Sep 18, 2018

Russia Threatens “Adequate Response” Against Israel For Downed Plane

"As a result of the Israeli military’s irresponsible actions 15 Russian servicemen died," said Defense Ministry Spokesman Gen. Igor Konashenkov.

Sep 17, 2018

Two Koreas hold high-stakes summit with nuclear talks in jeopardy

Moon is hoping to help jumpstart nuclear negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington

Sep 17, 2018

Leftists Demand Japan “Embrace Multiculturalism” Because a Mixed Race Player Won the US Open

Daily Beast writer wants 'xenophobic' country with low immigration & low crime to open its borders

Sep 17, 2018

Sep 17, 2018

EU Official Caught In Vulgar Outburst Reacting To Italy’s Salvini On Migrants

One European minister went so far as to heckle Salvini as he spoke, and unable to contain his anger interrupted the speech and unleashed in a vulgar outburst

Sep 17, 2018

‘Civil War Is Coming to Europe’ Warns German Politician

He was only repeating what plenty of other people say in private in Germany

Sep 16, 2018

Sep 14, 2018

State Run Swedish Kindergarten Bans Words “He,” “She,” Makes Boys Wear Dresses

Asks children as young as two to talk about 'boys falling in love with boys and girls falling in love with girls'

Sep 14, 2018

Smartphone Material Mined by Children’s Hands

Terrible working conditions brought to light

Sep 14, 2018

Commission Denies Japan’s Commercial Whaling Bid

Japan to assess membership with International Whaling Commission

Sep 14, 2018

Italy hesitates over refugee deal with Germany, seeks concessions

'My signature is still not there because I’m waiting for further clarification'

Sep 14, 2018

UK Political Party Leader Banned By Twitter After Mentioning Muslim Grooming Gangs

Anne Marie Waters censored after saying more attention should be paid to child abuse than 'offensive tweets'

Sep 14, 2018

Nimes Feria terror: Driver shouting ‘allahu akbar’ ploughs into crowd in south France

POLICE in France have arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder after he ploughed his car into a crowd while shouting “Allah Akbar”.