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Image for Trump: ‘Some People Would Rather Go To War With Russia Than Get Along With Putin’

Trump: ‘Some People Would Rather Go To War With Russia Than Get Along With Putin’

"We got along well which truly bothered many haters who wanted to see a boxing match."

4 hours ago By Steve Watson |

Image for Pentagon Eyes Quantum Computing for War in Space

Pentagon Eyes Quantum Computing for War in Space

DoD competes with China in game-changing technology

2 days ago By

North Korea Blasts Western Media, Assures Complete Denuclearization

Links US intelligence agencies, media to misinformation

2 days ago By Ryan Pickrell | Daily Caller News Foundation

The Globalist Elite Fears Peace, Wants War

The deep state considers negotiating with opponents to be wrong and counterproductive

4 days ago By Federico Pieraccini The Strategic Culture Foundation

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Jul 13, 2018

Israel interceptor missile shoots down drone at Syrian frontier: witness

A witness on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights frontier said the aircraft had crashed

Jul 13, 2018

Report: Air Raid Kills 54 IS Fighters and Civilians in Eastern Syria

Syrian government news agency blames U.S.-led coalition for airstrike

Jul 12, 2018

Israel says it hits Syrian army posts after drone incursion

'The heart of the matter is retaining our freedom of action against anyone who acts against us'

Jul 12, 2018

Taliban Attack on Afghan Army Base Kills 30 Soldiers

Some reports said government forces suffered nearly 40 fatalities

Jul 11, 2018

Dutch Citizens Told To Submit To Islam Or Leave Country

Islamic invasion of Europe growing out of control

Jul 11, 2018

$32 Million US Military Hub in Kuwait Almost Done

Logistics facility called Cargo City

Jul 11, 2018

US Designates Iran-backed Militant Group in Bahrain a Terrorist Organization

Iran-backed militants are trying to overthrow government of Bahrain

Jul 09, 2018

Trump Confidant Kim Jong Un Will Honor “Our Handshake”

Also warns China against negative pressure

Jul 07, 2018

Report: Islamists In France May Have Access To Nuclear Plants

'Experts don’t believe in exterior attacks, they think danger will come from inside'

Jul 06, 2018

No Nerve Agents Found From Syria’s Douma Incident – Watchdog

Several chlorine compounds detected, however

Jul 06, 2018

Key Witness Against “El Chapo” Extradited to US

Held in solitary confinement since January 2017

Jul 05, 2018

‘Hell-Bent On Colliding With NATO’ – Farage Slams EU Defense Project

EU army and NATO can't stand side-by-side, Farage warns

Jul 05, 2018

Jul 04, 2018

IS Announces Death of Leader al-Baghdadi’s Son

The U.S. military said it has seen the reports of al-Badri's death but declined any confirmation

Jul 03, 2018

Chinese Navy to Expand Rapidly

Aircraft-carrying ships to almost double

Jul 03, 2018

Pentagon to Attack Islamic State With Cyber Weapon

System protects from hostile government hackers

Jul 02, 2018

Real Life Magnificent Seven

This Mexican town took justice into their own hands

Jul 02, 2018

China Allegedly Builds ‘Laser AK-47’ That Burns Through Human Skin

'The pain will be beyond endurance,' researcher claims

Jul 02, 2018

‘Qualification Flight’: Pentagon Test Drops Nuke From B-2 Bomber in Nevada

Part of a $1.2 trillion program to revamp US nuclear arsenal

Jul 01, 2018

Shock Report: ISIS Planning to Use Orphans For Suicide Missions in Europe

After losing ground in Syria and Iraq, terrorist group sets sights on the West

Jun 29, 2018

Fatal Car Bomb Targets Anti-Terror Task Force

Blast left six dead, many injured

Jun 29, 2018

Army Soldiers Viable for Trump’s Space Force

Satellite familiarity key in peace or war

Jun 28, 2018

The Genocide Of White South Africans Is In Full Swing

White farmers in South Africa are being hunted down and killed

Jun 28, 2018

Jun 28, 2018

Pompeo: Health Attack on U.S. Worker in China Medically ‘Consistent’ With Sonic Attacks in Cuba

Source of attacks unknown in both Cuba and China, State continues to investigate

Jun 27, 2018

Multiple Car Bombs in Syria – Source

Afrin blast leaves 11 Dead

Jun 27, 2018

Multiple Car Bombs in Syria – Source

Afrin blast leaves 11 Dead

Jun 27, 2018

Tensions Rise Over South China Sea

Xi firm against Mattis over territory

Jun 26, 2018

Bangladeshi Peacekeeper Killed in Sudan Ambush

No immediate comment from government

Jun 26, 2018

Denmark Signs Up for Two New Military Alliances in “Signal to Trump”

Europe taking more responsibility for own security

Jun 24, 2018

Video: Israel Fires Patriot Missile At Drone In Syria

Conflict between Israel and Iran continues on Golan Heights

Jun 22, 2018

Civilians Flee Yemen City – Fear “Fierce Showdown”

Clash between government forces, Huthi rebels imminent

Jun 22, 2018

Iran May Exit Nuclear Deal Soon – Deputy FM

Europe’s efforts to save deal not enough, according to Tehran

Jun 21, 2018

Chinese Exec Investigated For Selling Aircraft Carrier Intel to CIA

Allegedly sold list of mods on Soviet-constructed ship