Sarah Sanders Slams CNN’s Chris Cuomo for Referring to WH Aide as Raj ‘Whatever-his-name-is’

Counterfeit News Network refuses to treat Trump administration with dignity

CNN was called out by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders after the network again dissed White House aide Raj Shah.

On Monday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo referred to Shah as “Raj Whatever-his-name-is” in a segment discussing the Trump “shithole” comment controversy.

Raj responded to CNN with his full name.

Huckabee Sanders also chimed in pointing out the network has repeatedly disrespected Shaw, just last month failing to use a picture of the correct “Raj Shah” for an on-screen graphic.

Here’s the correct Raj Shah:

“Can you imagine if, say, a Fox News host dismissively referred to an Indian-American Democrat, the son of immigrants, as ‘Raj whatever-his-name is’? The cries of liberal outrage would echo through the halls of politics and media,” notes

Cuomo has since backtracked and issued Shah an apology, welcoming him on the show.

Sanders replied that Cuomo should be careful what he asks for.