Mexican Riot Police Confront Caravan on International Bridge

Trump warned Central American countries, Mexico to stop caravan

Image Credits: PEDRO PARDO/AFP/Getty Images.

Mexico deployed riot police to the Mexican-Guatemalan border to stop a Central American caravan heading to the US.

Hundreds of riot officers spread into formation near the international bridge in Suchiate to confront several thousand Honduran migrants trying to cross into Mexico on their way to the states.

So far the caravan has been defying threats and tearing down border barricades.

Mexican officials have threatened the Hondurans with deportation if they cross into the country, stating they would have to show a passport and visa to stay in Mexico or otherwise apply individually for refugee status.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Videgaray said he anticipates that those with such documentation “are the minority” of the caravan.

“Guatemala also sent police reinforcements to its side of the border, after Trump threatened to cut aid to the region, deploy the military and close the US-Mexican border if the migrants were allowed to continue,” reported France 24.

The migrants also face difficulty if they try to avoid the bridge by fording the river which is overflowing from recent rains.

The ferry operators were mainly carrying merchandise across the river after they were warned not to carry people by Mexican officials.

President Trump also warned El Salvador that the US would cut foreign aid to the Central American country if it allows caravans to cross through the country with the intention of entering the US illegally.