Image for Macron Blasted for Threatening to Close Ports

Macron Blasted for Threatening to Close Ports

Brexit campaigner slams French scaremongering

2 weeks ago By Express

Image for Desperate: Over 1,000 EU Firms Fight to Stay in London

Desperate: Over 1,000 EU Firms Fight to Stay in London

Firms maneuver to dodge No-Deal Brexit

2 weeks ago By Westmonster

Macron Wants “Real European Army”

EU globalists continue push for own military

2 weeks ago By RT

Heineken Seals $3bn Deal With China’s Top Brewer

Fierce Chinese beer market fueled decision

2 weeks ago By France 24

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Nov 05, 2018

Nov 05, 2018

First Migrant Caravan Reaches Mexico City

City gov providing aid, shelter

Nov 03, 2018

UN, EU & Soros Provide Migrants With Prepaid Debit Cards to Fund Journey to Europe

No identity documents required to obtain or use the cards

Nov 02, 2018

UN Migration Pact DoA If Poland Joins US in Not Signing It

Global populist trend set to ruin pact's success

Nov 02, 2018

Four Jailed From Grooming Gang in UK Child Rape Scandal

Offenses include: inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, trafficking for sexual exploitation

Nov 02, 2018

Italy Poised to Trigger Euro Implosion

Salvini says nation will no longer kneel to UN

Nov 02, 2018

Czech PM Wants Out of UN Migration Pact

Leader wants to join nationalist movement across Europe

Nov 02, 2018

UK Police Disaster: Uncharged Crime Surges, Investigations Drop

Citizens blast law enforcement as irrelevant

Nov 01, 2018

UN Calls For US to End Embargo on Cuba

US, Israel voted against resolution

Nov 01, 2018

Italy Starts Major Deportation Plan

Almost three thousand remigrated using a 12 million euro budget

Nov 01, 2018

Google Drama: Walk-Outs Protest Office Harassment, Inequality

Thousands demonstrate against unchecked executive power

Oct 31, 2018

Chinese Debt Bomb Closer to Blowing

Debt could threaten world financial system

Oct 31, 2018

Merkel Now Useless in German Politics

Exit announcement unparalleled in German political history

Oct 31, 2018

Desperate: EU must Beg Britain to Stay – Sarkozy

Says EU needs to scrap any out-of-date rules

Oct 30, 2018

Hillary Says She Will Look At 2018 Results Before Looking At 2020

This is just another reason conservatives should get out and vote

Oct 30, 2018

Oct 30, 2018

Euro Set to “Collapse” Amid Italy Crisis

Germany reportedly unable to bail Italy out

Oct 29, 2018

Underage Victim “Passed Around,” Raped by 100 Men

Seven charged in massive Rotherham abuse scandal

Oct 29, 2018

Hungary: 70,000 Migrants Marching To Europe Part of “Soros Network”

Network blamed for trying to make migration a human right

Oct 29, 2018

Swedish Children Attacked Daily, Fear “No-Go Area”

Locals dread criminal network on rise

Oct 28, 2018

Fox Business Pulls ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ episode with ‘Soros-occupied State Department’ Remark

Comments about Soros NGOs backing migrant caravans not tolerated by globalist masters

Oct 26, 2018

Swedish Public to Take Migrants in Their Own Homes

Town unable to find housing for new arrivals

Oct 26, 2018

EU on Brink: Rome Could Condemn Eurozone to History

European commissioners reject budget proposal

Oct 25, 2018

California’s Feminist Corporate Coup

But most publicly-held corporations are eager to appoint any competent, qualified person to their board

Oct 25, 2018

EU in Crisis: Eurozone Slips

Skids to slowest rate in two years

Oct 25, 2018

“Very Few” Returning Jihadists Prosecuted – UK Commissioner

Disclosure comes after hundreds of Islamic State supporters return from Syria

Oct 25, 2018

Brazil’s “Trump” Has China Nervous

Nationalism threatens Chicom's global expansion

Oct 24, 2018

SJW Globalism Vs Freedom & Nationalism

The battle lines have been drawn

Oct 24, 2018

Schemes for Currency Manipulation Spread Worldwide

At very least the US would have to take aim at the IMF

Oct 24, 2018

80% of UK Terror Investigations Target Islamists

Terrorists inspired by ISIS, Al Qaeda

Oct 24, 2018

UN: Niqab a “Human Right”

Blasts France over ban

Oct 23, 2018

Parents outraged after drag queen speaks to students during career day

It was a shock because no one was notified, says parent

Oct 23, 2018

Warning: Second Migrant Caravan Heads to US

Only 200 miles behind first caravan